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Common Questions

        1. What size panels are required for submission? Will they need to be printed, mounted on foam, and sent to the jury?
          All designs are to be presented in landscape orientation on one E-1 (30”x42”) panel in PDF format with a maximum file size of 8.0 MB.
          As your submission, provide a digital file only- see "Presentation Requirements" on page 10 of the competition brief for further instructions. All necessary printing and mounting for the jury and/or exhibition will be will be handled by the competition.
        2. Is there an age requirement to participate?
          There is no age restriction; it is a competition open to all ages and skill levels. If your design is selected as the winning entry, we would approach the execution of the design through one of three options listed under "The Commission" on pages 7 and 8 of the competition brief.
        3. What is the maximum height that can be proposed?
          The top of any structure or element in the design shall not exceed an elevation of 660. This is 20' from the top of the site.
        4. Is there a limit to the number of entries a team or individual can submit?
          No, but only one entry submission is permitted for each registration as defined on page 9 of the competition brief under "Eligibility and Registration". You are welcome to submit multiple entries, but must register each separately so that you have a unique six-digit competition ID for each entry.
        5. Can the proposed monument be anywhere between the two existing pavilions on the site plan provided?
          The area shaded in green is the potential extent of the site available for the monument design (approximately 1 acre). Monument features can be placed anywhere within the shaded area. It is not a requirement that the monument design utilize the entire shaded area. Please refer to "DOCUMENT A & A.1_BASE SITE PLAN.pdf" under the "Downloads" tab for site specific information.
        6. Is this competition limited to a selected country or is it open to submissions internationally?
          The Tri Ân Foundation Board of Directors wants to ensure that anyone is welcome to participate. It is an open competition without boundaries.
        7. Can a team dig under the hill for their design? 
          The ground may be manipulated as long as all changes remain within the area shaded in green on the site plan. Please refer to "DOCUMENT A & A.1_BASE SITE PLAN.pdf" under the "Downloads" tab for site specific information.
        8. The trees shown on the base/ existing site plan differ from what is shown on the master plan. Must the design proposal accommodate the master plan trees depicted at the sidewalk and on the downhill slope/eastern site border?
          Only the existing trees shown on Documents A.1 (Base Site Plan) and B.1 (Existing Conditions Plan) need to be preserved. The trees shown on the illustrative Master Plan (Document C.1) at the road and on the downhill slope can be adjusted or eliminated to accommodate your proposal.
        9. Is the unit of measurement in the provided drawings in feet and inches? Is it required for entries to be submitted in certain type of unit of measurement (we generally draw in metrics)?
          The provided drawings use the Imperial System (feet and inches); the contours are 1' interval contours.
          The preferred system of measurement is Imperial; however, it is not a requirement.
          It is required that you meet the "Required Presentation Panel Illustration" in regards to the site plan scale (1" = 20') as noted on page 10 of the competition brief.
          If your proposal is selected as the winning entry, you will be required to convert all measurements to the Imperial System for construction.
        10. Can a secondary entrance/exit to the memorial be on the path south of the lot?
          Yes, additional entrances and exits to the monument can be considered as part of your design.
        11. Can the text for the optional supplemental narrative exceed 250 words?
          Ideally, the text should be kept to under 250 words, but as long as it fits on a single 8 1/2"x 11" page it will not disqualify your entry.
          Please adjust your font size accordingly. That said, please consider legibility for the juror's sake (a font size too small may not be readable) and limit the length of text to be descriptive, yet as precise as possible.
        12. What are the expectations with regard to the architectural fee for services, including construction documents and construction administration, should one be selective as the winning entry in the second round?
          Each of the three finalists from the first round will each receive $4,000 USD. The winning final entry selected during the second round will be compensated based on their abilities to implement the project (e.g., prepare construction documents and construction administration). This fee is negotiable and dependent upon the winning competitor's abilities. One of the following scenarios is possible:
          The Sponsor will attempt to negotiate an Agreement with the winning competitor regarding terms and fees for Design Development, Construction Document and Construction Administration services. In the unlikely event that such negotiations fail to produce a mutually acceptable agreement, the Sponsor shall have the right to negotiate with the second-ranked competitor, and so forth.
          The Sponsor will attempt to negotiate an agreement with the winning competitor regarding terms and fees and assist them in associating with such qualified consultants and disciplines as the Sponsor deems necessary to supplement their skills to successfully implement the project.
          The Sponsor has the right to retain such professional and technical assistance as it sees fit to construct the project based on the selected design. In such event, the winning competitor will have ample opportunity to review and comment on the Design Development plans and Construction Documents prepared for the project by others.
          If you are selected as the winning entry and you are able to perform as outlined in Scenario 1, you would be compensated with a fee comparable to any other project of this nature and size.
        13. Will the actual names of the fallen soldiers have to be incorporated into the monument or should we only consider the numbers given?

          That decision is up to the designer/ artist based on their conceptual design. However, due to the difficulty involved in compiling casualty records, the Tri-An Foundation does not have the list of names for all of the fatalities. It has been proposed by the Tri-An Foundation to handle the list of names via the "Digital Monument Site" that will be accessible at the monument site as an interactive website.

          With the exception of South Vietnam (Republic of Vietnam), the Tri-An Foundation should  be able to obtain the names of casualties from the other nations and provide links for obtaining a listing of each country's  casualties by name. The records for South Vietnam are especially difficult to compile now since the South Vietnamese government no longer exists. For Republic of Vietnam casualties, we could have an explanation of the impossibility of obtaining a listing in the "digital monument site," but provide a means of collecting names from Vietnamese Veterans and civilians, as well as from U.S. military personnel that are Veterans of the Vietnam War and have knowledge of a Vietnamese military casualty by name. Of course this would not be an official list, however, it would allow the names of many Vietnamese military casualties to be shown. This unofficial listing would thereby provide some heartfelt comfort to relatives and friends of the  particular Republic of Vietnam casualty.
        14. What is the height of the other structures in the park?
          Unfortunately, that information is not available; however, use the site photos and aerials to scale the structures to the best of your ability.