Tri Ân Monument


The Tri Ân Idea

In Louisville, Kentucky, a diverse group of citizens led by Yung Nguyen, an immigrant from Vietnam, has conceived this idea of a monument of thanksgiving; a place of special recognition for the tremendous sacrifices the American and South Vietnamese Armed Forces made during the Vietnam War in order to give the Vietnamese people a chance to live in freedom.

This citizen’s group formed a foundation to develop this concept and to raise private funds to implement it. The foundation’s name is “Tri Ân”, which means “deep gratitude” in the Vietnamese language.

A site was secured in an existing park dedicated to veterans. It is in Jeffersontown, a suburb of Louisville, Kentucky. It is the Foundation’s intent to fund and build the Tri Ân Monument based upon the selected design.


The Purpose

The overriding purpose of this proposed monument is to honor and express deep gratitude for the millions of Americans and Vietnamese who fought side-by-side to stop communist aggression and give the South Vietnamese people their freedom.

To give meaning to this difficult struggle, it is important for many of the Vietnamese people who fled their country and escaped communist persecution, to show their appreciation to those that helped them during and after the war. They thought it important to recognize the combined contributions of the American, South Vietnamese and other participating Coalition military personnel; and to celebrate the bond that developed between the soldiers from these different countries as they faced a common enemy.

It is important to recognize the numerous humanitarian efforts and good deeds done by the U.S. military and the many Americans who went far beyond the call of duty to help the South Vietnamese people.

It is important to remember thousands of Americans who are still unaccounted-for after all these years.

It is important to remember hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese who died or suffered terribly in the concentration camps set up by the Communist regime.

The Tri-Ân Foundation was founded in the hope that the many inspiring stories of these American and South Vietnamese heroes would be better known to everyone of this and future generations.

The Aim for an Inspiring Design

It is the aim to select a monument design that evokes from the visitor the strongest emotional response, the deepest sense of contemplation, the best spirit of thanksgiving, and the most respectful mood of remembrance. The selected entry will have been judged to:

Have many levels of meaning. Be unique, dramatic, timeless, and contemplative. Be in harmony with the landscape. Express the feeling of ‘Deep Gratitude’.

The Monument

It is situated on a sloping hillside site within a park with other monuments to veterans nearby.  As envisioned by the Tri Ân Foundation, the physical monument is an environmental setting made up of an assemblage of features and spaces that will accommodate the anticipated uses, and serve to engage the attention, imagination and feelings of each visitor as they experience it.

There are many compositional elements which could be used to create the environmental setting. The infrastructure may include landscaping, pavement, architectural structures, fountains, walls, seating, fencing, and other site features; augmented by graphic depictions, sculptures, flags, military symbols, signage, exhibited artifacts, lighting, or any other methods that would help to achieve the monument’s purposes.


Start of Competition:                                  May 16, 2016

Registration Ends:                                       August 15, 2016

Deadline for Questions:                             August 18, 2016

All Submissions Due:                                  August 28, 2016

Publication of List of Entrants:                  September 2, 2016

Stage One:

Finalists & Awards Announced:                September 19, 2016

Stage Two:

Winning Submission Announced:            January 11, 2017

Public Exhibition:                                        January 16-21, 2017






Logo - Deep Gratitude For Defending Freedom

A Built Competition

This competition is for the selection of a conceptual design that will be built.


Stage One:

The first stage will result in the selection, by the Jury, of three finalists. Each of the three finalists will receive an award of $4,000.00 USD.

In addition, the jury will select at least 10 entries for Honorable Mention, with no monetary award.

Stage Two:

The second stage will involve a detailed evaluation of the three finalist’s designs, which will result in the selection of the winning design by the Tri Ân Foundation Board of Directors.

Eligibility & Registration

This is an open competition and anyone with an idea is welcome to submit an entry—artists, sculptors, architects, landscape architects, graphic designers, students, professionals, etc. Registrations will be accepted from individuals as well as from teams or firms.

The entry fee is $35.00 USD for students; and $75.00 USD for all others.

Employees, associates or immediate family of members of the Jury, or the Tri Ân Foundation Board of Directors are not eligible to participate in this competition. Please click on Registration tab at the top of the page to register.

The Jury

Susan Rademacher, Hon. ASLA
Landscape Lecturer, Writer, Curator, Consultant & Designer

Yung Nguyen
Immigrant, Successful Entrepreneur & Founder of the Tri Ân Foundation

P.Q. Phan
Composer, Educator & Professor of Music at Indiana University

David M. Biagi
Architect & Director of the University of Kentucky School of Architecture

Refer to the Jury tab at the top of the page for more information on the jury and their procedures.


For more detailed information on all aspects of the competition, please download the Brief from the tab at the top of the page.